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oon in July 2003, Xu found two unattended cats when she passed by a construction site, and was deeply affected by their helpless meowing. Xu immediately lifted up these two cubs, who were a▓bout two months old, and br

ought them home. Xu then spent a sleepless night caring for them. She gave these two cubs milk and sugar every two hours, and the two c▓ubs

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thrived thanks to her care. Up until now, one of these two cubs remains active among the growing number of cats that Xu keeps.Smuggled elephants return h▓omeExperts worried about fate of remaining animals at▓ zoo in Shenyang; investigation launched SHENYANG: ▓An investigation has been launched into the deaths of 13 Siberian tigers in the past three months at a zoo

in Shenyang,▓ capital of Northeast China's L